event voyages 2021



Queen Mary 2 · New York - Southampton · May 14, 2021

London Theatre at Sea will feature an illustrious line-up of guests in conversation about their careers and talks on productions and how they are put together, as well as on theatres themselves.

With a chance to be involved in dance classes, the on board West End choir, design workshops, and a West End singalong, we will give you a real look behind the scenes.

London Theatre at Sea


Queen Mary 2 · New York - Southampton · June 16, 2021

Join experts from Ancestry, the largest online family history resource in the world, and learn how to trace your family tree through the ages.

Through a series of talks and practical workshops, Ancestry will open the door to discovering, preserving and sharing meaningful family stories. Experts will be on hand to help you start tracing your family’s journey across the globe and to find out how your DNA connects you to the world.

A Journey of Genealogy


Queen Mary 2 · New York - Southampton · September 12, 2021

During the crossing, guests will be treated to two spectacular performances in the Royal Court Theatre-an evening of American themed numbers and the Last Night of the Cunard Proms. There will be a Q&A with Anthony Inglisand guests will also have the opportunity to audition for the choir and practice under the guidance of the NSO, ready for a group performance during the evening’s show.


Queen Victoria · Southampton - Southampton · October 20, 2021

Special guest speakers will join this voyage, along with experts from the Royal Astronomical Society, to share their knowledge of the night sky and give a deeper insight into the elusive Northern Lights and what lies beyond. While photography masterclasses will guide you through the steps to capturing the perfect image

Northern Lights