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Let yourself be taken to any part of the world.

FLY&cRUISE to far-AWAY destinationS

Let us take you anywhere in the world

Get ready to board on one of our magnificent Long Distance Trips, the most exotic and beautiful places you could ever imagine. 

Fly&Cruise to South America in February 2019

Fly&Cruise to New Zealand & Australia in March 2019

Fly & Cruise to Japan in Spring 2019

NEW! Fly & Cruise to Canada & New England 2019

Fly & Cruise to Alaska from San Francisco 2019

Fly & Cruise to Japan in August 2019


You will always find something to do with your family on a Princess Cruise. Each passenger has his own space on a Princess ship.

Walk through the common areas of our boats opens infinite possibilities. Come together and play board games in the library, enjoy live music in the Piazza during the day, and at night, various shows, magic, dance or cabaret in our theater and lounges; outdoors has the swimming pools, the Sanctuary (a retreat for adults only), Movies under the Stars and the area to practice sports and minigolf.

Both, day and night, enjoy what makes you the happiest.


Having an exceptional vacation means an experience that is effortless, giving you the time to do more of what you love. With Ocean Medallion Vacations on Princess Cruises, there is endless possibility for personalized attention and the ability to truly relax knowing everything will be handled.

Learn more about the Ocean Medallion

Ocean Medallion Guide


Luxury, elegance and history aboard our 3 Queens


An unbeliavable adventure is about to begin...

Cruising in one of our 3 Queens is an unforgettable experience. Queen Victoria, Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth will be your home as long as the cruise lasts. Always with a luxurious White Star Service that will be there to help you with everything you need.

You can travel around the world, encounter unforgettable ports, discover new & ancient cultures and so much more whilst you sail to your next destination.