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Let yourself be taken to any part of the world.

full trips to far destinations

Let yourself be taken to any part of the world.

Get ready to board with us on one of our magnificant Long Distance Trips. This features the most exotic and beautiful places you could ever imagine. 

Full trip to Australia and New Zealand 2017

Full trip to Asia in October 2017

Full trip to South East Asia in New Year´s Eve 2017

Full trip to South America in February 2018

Full trip to Asia in March 2018


Luxury, elegance and history aboard our 3 Queens

world cruises 2018

An unforgettable journey

Queen Mary 2 will travel to the Antipodes and will discover Australia and New Zealand. You will enjoy South East Asia, India and Middle East. Finally you will come back through the Suez Canal.

If you choose Queen Victoria, you will surround South America from the glaciars to the Caribbean through the Panama Canal.

Queen Elizabeth will sail the 7 Seas. It will arrive to New York and then cross the Panama Canal. You will discover the Pacific and its Islands to get to Australia. Japan, China and India will amaze you and you will discover the African Coast on your way home.

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Exotic Cruises

Sail all the oceans and seas on the planet. The Mediterranean, home to our culture, with cities as fascinating as Venice or Istanbul, the Indian Ocean with its exotic islands, the South Pacific and the Chinese Sea will take us to ancient cultures and places of dreams such as Southeast Asia, China, Australia, New Zealand and Polynesia.

Travel across the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal and let yourself be seduced by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea before beginning the journey par excellence, crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

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