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Let yourself be taken to any part of the world.

full trips to far destinations

Let yourself be taken to any part of the world.

Get ready to board with us on one of our magnificant Long Distance Trips. This features the most exotic and beautiful places you could ever imagine. 

Fly & Cruise to Japan in August 2018

Fly & Cruise to Alaska in 2018

Fly & Cruise to Australia and New Zealand 2018

Fly & Cruise to Asia in October 2018

Fly & Cruise South East Asia in New Years Eve in 2018

Fly & Cruise to South America 2019


In Princess Cruises, you and your family will always find something to do. Each passenger has its own personal and favourite space in our ships.

Princess Cruises offers infinite possibilities. In the library you can play table games with other passengers, in the piazza you can listen to live music, you can enjoy amazing  production shows in the theatre or just relax watching a Movie under the Stars. If you are a sportif person, you can always play basketball, minigolf, workout...

Day or night, just enjoy!


Luxury, elegance and history aboard our 3 Queens

world cruises 2019

An unforgettable journey

Queen Mary 2 will cross the classic Mediterranean Sea to discover Asia completely, with its magical cities and millenary culture

On board the Queen Victoria, you will experiment a true World Cruise. It will cross the Atlantic and Panama Canal to discover the exotic Pacific Islands. Then, will visit Australia and South East Asia and will border Africa on its way back to Southampton

Queen Elizabeth will do a segmented World Cruise, in which you will visit Australia and New Zealand and surround Japan. After that, Alaska with its nature and beauty will be waiting for you.

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Exotic Cruises

Sail all the oceans and seas on the planet. The Mediterranean, home to our culture, with cities as fascinating as Venice or Istanbul, the Indian Ocean with its exotic islands, the South Pacific and the Chinese Sea will take us to ancient cultures and places of dreams such as Southeast Asia, China, Australia, New Zealand and Polynesia.

Travel across the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal and let yourself be seduced by the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea before beginning the journey par excellence, crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

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